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At the heart of the IPECS platform is the IPECS Call Server. This highly reliable, purpose built Call Server controls and maintains communications between end-points and shared network resources. Modular IPECS Gateways, which easily connect to the Call Server over any IP network, interface to an array of network resources from analogue telephone circuits to advanced VoIP connections. The simple modular structure yields flexible configurations and installations to meet your business needs now and in the future.

The Call Server (also known as the MFIM, or Multi Function Interface Module) is the main controller for the IPECS Platform and provides central control to all connected Gateways and Telephones on the Network. Five different Call Servers are available for organisations of between 5 and 550 users, ensuring that you can implement a Call Server to meet the specific needs of your organisation. 

Arrow IPECS Range-Wide Features

This list is not exhaustive but highlights the main capabilities of the IPECS Platform. For more extensive information please call us.


  • 'Standard' Telephony Features
    • Make, Hold, Transfer & Receive Calls
    • 3 Party on-demand conferencing
    • On-demand call recording
    • On-hold music or tones
  • Call Routing and Queuing Features
    • Route calls by Caller ID 
    • Position in Queue Announcements 
    • Call Volume Thresholds with Internal page alerts
    • ACD Group Name Display
    • Supervisor help function
    • Zap tone (forced auto-answer)
  • Voicemail Features**
    • Voicemail to Email
    • Voicemail Download 
    • Hunt group mailboxes 
    • Mailbox backup
    • .wav file uploads
  • Network Features 
    • Local Survivability 
    • Gateways can be local or remote to Call Server
  • Mobility Features
    • Mobile Extension (with ISDN lines only)
    • WiFi Phone support
    • PC Based Phone (Phontage) (2 licenses included)
    • PDA& Smartphone based Phone 
    • Remote Gateway support
    • Remote access to web-based programming
  • Telephone Support 
    • IP Hardphones (LIP-7000 & LIP-8000 Series)
    • Single line telephone (may require SLTM)
    • Legacy Phones (will require DTIM)
      • LDP-7000 Series Digital Phones
      • LKD Series Digital Phones
    • SIP Phones
    • PC / PDA / Smartphones
    • Web Based Phone

Arrow IPECS-50 

This Call Server supports a maximum of 50 devices (such as Lines or Telephones) and is the smallest IPECS available.

The IPECS-50 is available with either Analogue or Digital (ISDN) Lines as standard (you can add other line types with additional Gateways). 

Feature Highlights 

  • 50 Extensions (max.*)
  • 42 Lines (max.*)
  • Integrated Lines (4 Analogue or ISDN + 4 SIP)
  • 2 integrated SLT ports for FAX or SLT Connection
  • Integrated Voicemail  / Auto Attendant 
    • 270 Minutes Recording Time
    • 6 Channels
    • 70 Level Auto Attendant
  • 4 System Attendants
  • 40 Hunt Groups
  • 10 Internal Page Zones
  • 800 System Speed Dials 
  • 5 System mounting options
  • Local Survivability
  • 1 Power Fail transfer unit port


Arrow IPECS-100

This Call Server supports a maximum of 100 devices (such as Lines or

 Telephones). More details coming soon. 

Arrow IPECS-300

This Call Server supports a maximum of 300 devices (such as Lines or Telephones.) More details coming soon. 

Arrow IPECS-600

This Call Server supports a maximum of 600 devices (such as Lines or Telephones. More details coming soon. 


* Not all maximums can be achieved simultaneously *
** No integrated Voceimail system on IPECS MFIM-600 ** 
Some features may require licensing, please check with us

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