We can upgrade your existing Siemens HiPath system to the current Unify OpenScape Business or maintain it for you in its existing state

With nearly 20 years of experience of supplying and maintaining Siemens telephone systems we are perfectly placed to either maintain or upgrade yours.  Call us today for more details.


Why Upgrade your existing HiPath?

OpenScape Business is a low-cost, no risk upgrade that adds productivity-boosting Unified Communications (UC) to your existing HiPath voice solution. Specifically designed to address the demands of today’s dynamic small and medium- sized companies, OpenScape Business accelerates team productivity, improves customer service and dramatically reduces your communications costs.

Why upgrade to OpenScape Business?

  • OpenScape Business is an all-in-one solution for single and multi-site businesses that simplifies the deployment and delivery of UC across your business.
  • No investment in new infrastructure - Delivers UC functionality on top of your existing HiPath 3000 voice network, using established interfaces and supporting all common communications protocols.
  • Performance-boosting functionality - Comes packaged with the very latest UC applications – from productivity enhancing presence and seamless mobility to anytime collaboration.
  • Cost saving communications - Seamlessly integrates cost saving Voice over IP on top of your existing network to reduce your total communications bill.
  • Seamless integration - Integrates into your office applications so there’s no learning curve for your people.
  • Total connectivity - Provides instant access to UC on any desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Comprehensive mobility - Supports more mobile platforms than any other offering from any other vendor - from Android and Windows to iOS - using a web-based solution.
  • Superior ownership experience - Reduces total system cost through swift and easy deployment, and web-based management tools for simple, low cost maintenance and support.
  • A future-proofed investment - Delivers a low cost upgrade path from voice to UC with nothing to rip and replace for existing HiPath 3000 customers when choosing to deploy UC or scale to support more users.

Why Unified Communications?

UC takes all the ways your people communicate - email, phone, fax, instant messaging, video conferencing, web collaboration and more - and integrates them into a single place. There’s no need to switch between screens, programs, contact lists, email accounts and all the other things that can slow down even the simplest communications.

OpenScape Business goes further… delivering more UC functionality in one box than any other vendor, on top of your existing infrastructure.

Now available with OpenScape Business

  • OpenScape Business adds a wealth of UC features to your existing HiPath 3000 enterprise voice solution.
  • Drag and drop audio and video conferencing*
  • Instant messaging
  • Presence federation
  • One number service
  • Click to call from PC
  • Unified messaging
  • Live call recording
  • UC on mobile devices
  • Full Microsoft Outlook integration and toolbar
  • Integrated contact center
  • Comprehensive customer engagement options
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