Lines, Connections and Inbound Services

 Lines, calls and inbound call routing are the Cinderella of the telecomms industry.  They are esential services that are invisible when they are working properly, but cause major disruption when they are not right. 

At DS Chiltern we have over 25 years of experience supplying, moving, porting and maintaining voice and data lines.  We can advise what you need and get it to the right place at the right time.  Call us on 01753 480080 for help and advice.

Optimal Broadband

A slow internet connection can be extremely frustrating and costly for busy companies. Our Optimal Broadband works by enhancing existing broadband technology, providing a fixed level of guaranteed bandwidth, making services faster and more reliable.

Perfect for companies requiring a back-up service for their existing Ethernet connection and for those in need of a business-grade broadband service.  Our Optimal Broadband has no usage restrictions options and opens up the possibilities of cloud computing.laptop lightning

We use BT and other premier carriers to provide Superfast Broadband, and work closely with the company to ensure our customers benefit from the best bandwidth levels available in their area.

Our Broadband support teams are easily accessible and always on hand. We don’t have automated answering services, so when our customers need advice they can be sure they will speak to a real person.

Fibre - setting your data and voice free

When data, voice and video productivity are essential for your business, compromising on internet connectivity is not an option. Our Fibre Lease Line service gives a highly efficient and reliable dedicated internet connection, scalable to the size of the company, making it future proof.

Fibre is not just highly reliable and resilient; it is also super-fast and is symmetrical, allowing uploading and downloading at the same high speed.

Fibre is ideal for running an MPLS network, connecting companies that have multiple sites, and is also assists with home workers and teams as a fast office connection ensures productivity.

How does it work?

Unlike traditional services, which use a single copper cable to connect to a local exchange, Fibre harnesses the power of fibre-optic cabling to supply data at the speed of light. This creates the most robust and stable connection for your company’s network, and coupled with our industry-leading service-level agreements means customers get a service that is entirely dedicated to helping their business function at full speed.

Is it available for my business?

Yes. Our Fibre Lease Line service has a massive nationwide footprint and our experts can determine the best bespoke solution for your business. If you have fibre close enough to your premises, we can determine the process of getting a fibre cable to you and explain what will be involved.

ISDN, PSTN and SIP lines.

We understand that quality is as important as price to our customers, and that’s why calls made through DS Chiltern aren’t just significantly cheaper, they’re more secure too.

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Our experienced and professional customer service team are able to provide a seamless transition to DS Chiltern. We know that it is important that our customers experience no downtime or disruption to business services, so we make achieving this our priority.


  • Reduced outbound call costs and per second billing
  • Reduced line rental costs
  • Free fraud monitoring service
  • One account manager – a single point of contact
  • Free access to online billing for live call data
  • Retain your existing numbers
  • Regular account reviews

Inbound Call Routing

manPhoneAt DS Chiltern we offer a professional call handling solution, tailored to suit our customer’s unique business needs.

We know our customers like to have direct control over their incoming calls, so we’ve developed Myinbound – a low-cost customisable contact centre, delivered straight to customer’s desktops.

Myinbound offers a range of routing, monitoring and managing tools, allowing our customers to control their own call handling features.

Features including customer call announcements, auto attendant options and call queuing preferences can be instantly applied, and by complementing this with use of call monitoring and advanced online statistics provides our customers with complete visibility of their callers’ experience.

Myinbound is perfect for:

  • Companies that need a local presence nationwide: We are able to provide customers with non-geographic, freephone or local numbers at competitive rates.
  • Companies moving to a new area: We can keep existing area codes regardless of where a company moves, at a fraction of the cost of a remote call forwarding service.
  • Companies who need more control over their calls:Myinbound gives our customers total control and flexibility to create bespoke calling patterns for their phone number.

Choose from three tailored Myinbound services:

  • Contact Point: Perfect for sole traders or single site companies with limited availability. Only one member of staff on site? Contact Point allows calls to be routed according to opening hours and staff availability, or directed to a mobile phone.
  • Contact Path: Perfect for multi-location and multi-department companies.
  • Ideal for larger companies, Contact Path allows calls to be directed to the diallers local office, or to the relevant account manager or team.
  • Contact Pro: Perfect for companies needing full contact centre functionality.
  • Customer service central to the business? Contact Pro provides complex, reliable call centre functionality, allowing the effective management of high volume incoming calls.


Through our add-on packages, Myinbound can be further tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

  • Advanced call statistics: online access to live call statistics allows customers to analyse call handling efficiencies and make informed business decisions.
  • Call recording: secure, online access to play, do
  • Call Whisper: ideal for contact centres, a short message is played before a call is answered giving details about the nature of the call. Perfect for situations where staff deal with a variety of different calls, ensuring a tailored response.
  • wnload or delete calls, ideal for companies that need to record calls for compliance, customer service or audit purposes.
  • Voicemail: messages can be listened to online or by email with audio file attachments. Perfect for companies that need to maintain records and audit trails of callers’ messages.
  • Call Whisper: ideal for contact centres, a short message is played before a call is answered giving details about the nature of the call. Perfect for situations where staff deal with a variety of different calls, ensuring a tailored response.
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About Us

Since PRS Telecom was established in 2004, we have been committed to a clear vision of making and keeping customers happy. This is why we always strive to provide clients with the best solutions and customer service possible in the telecommunications field. Today, we are a trusted market leader in mobile- and office-based telephony solutions.

We are proud that we have carefully built a reputation for offering a great customer experience, partly due to our reliable and efficient telecom service and product range, and largely because of our ability to tailor the best solution for each client.

PRS Telecom has established a national presence with offices across the UK, from London to Leeds, serving a wide variety of clients, from start-ups and SMEs to large national companies. We have a wide network of partners, such as BT, EE, Apple, Samsung and Unify, to name a few.

Although we have experienced rapid growth, we are independently owned. This means that whilst we are better equipped to deliver projects of any scale, we still ensure that every client receives full, dedicated support. The one constant is our crystal clear commitment to clients – get it right from the start, and always keep customers happy.

Let PRS Telecom deliver what you need today, whilst building a plan for tomorrow.